Why Some People Succeed While Others Are Stuck in Limbo

Ask yourself when did your first make money online? Thousands of people from all walks of life are suddenly making money online like we thought was impossible. It seems like yesterday that I didn’t even have a computer, but these days I make a great salary from the Internet and don’t know how I ever survived without it.

The big difference between me and you is that you asked an intelligent question when your first asked yourself an identical question, so question again! Since so many people have become successful online, it follows that since so many questions were answered in the past, you can ask any combination of the following questions today! And by simply asking yourself a question like this, you could literally save yourself thousands of dollars, which your time is worth, right?

What are some of the other questions that you could be asking?

– Were you prepared enough to take the action needed to make money online?

– Are you truly knowledgeable about the product that you plan to sell online?

– Does the product you plan to sell -or- use really know how to deliver on its promises?

– Are you an expert at driving traffic to your website?

– Are you aware of all of the marketing tactics that you can use to promote your website and what are your advertising costs?

– Since so many people have asked these questions, have you actually taken the actions needed to acquire the knowledge which would make you a better marketer?

– Are you prepared to spend the next few months investing in internet marketing education?

– Do you have any idea who to contact for further assistance?

– What are your current company tasks that you need to carry out every week?

– What do you find it difficult to do, or you’d like to do?

– Are you aware what would be the best time frame to complete the tasks required, since it can be very time sensitive?

– How successful do you currently think you’re at making money online?

– If you’re in a position where you can pay someone else to do the tasks that you have to, are you really prepared to make that long commute?

– Are you prepared to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on your marketing strategy?

– Have you considered all of the products that you wish to market? It’s time to stop thinking like you do now, and start thinking like the average person.

– Have you thought about the expires warywave animatedDB (read it as “electronic commerce barch incl”.?

– Are you planning to have your own online devoted community?

– Are you planning to create your own short report, ebook, video, software or digital media product?

– Have you thought about the products that you could create to supplement your current product line?

– Have you considered the product creation process?

– Are you convinced that you have what it takes to do it correctly?

I look forward to your answers, and if you do get asked these questions by a prospective online business owner, then you’ve had an excellent start. I guarantee -you’ve made the most valuable information available on the internet.

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Thanks for reading, talk soon…

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