Traditional Kitchen and Bathroom Decor

Scramble (retro kitchen) which is defined as a look that is distinctive, Gordon stresses the “less is more” attitude, with strong color and striped pattern. One can create a central theme by using framed artwork and decorative accessories or curtains that tie in with the main color scheme. Strong colors are used sparingly due to the fact that the kitchen is a work area and spaces are limited. In essence, the kitchen should be designed to be functional yet remain a fun zone where the homeowner can enjoy the fruits of their labors. Since the kitchen is such an important area in the home, stenciling can transform a wall or even an entire room. Chalkboard painting is another inexpensive way to create a special focal point in less than five minutes.

Kitchen and Bathroom Designs from the 50s and 60s

Country (from the pre-war era) is notable for its warm colors, like gold, red, tan and green, as well as complementary colors for the parts of the room that caters to the main color scheme. Kitchens built in the 50s and 60s are seeing a return in popularity. Homeowners are fascinated with the idea that everything was handcrafted, and are willing to put the extra effort into restoring or replacing whatever furnishings they originally owned. It was a time of revolutionary change – people wanted the things they wanted. People weren’t just ready to buy off the market anymore; they were ready to rebuild.

Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Designs

Modern: Modern kitchen styles emphasize aesthetics more than function. The focus is on form instead of function. The simplicity of modern kitchen décor is appealing and it can be done on a shoestring budget. Kitchen appliances should be designed to work seamlessly with cabinets, countertops, flooring and lighting. Kitchen Design Studio & Remodeling of Atlanta brought to our attention that Countertops are often gust Forget the entire flooring and replace it with an artistic stone. Lighting is usually large and can simulate the sunlight outdoors which makes the kitchen a bright room, either golden or white. Over head are becoming monochromatic, so use a less interesting lighting scheme if you want an element of color.

Traditional Kitchen Designs

Want a traditional kitchen with the style of a cottage? Think white! The cottage look is one that has been in place since long before the big Italian kitchens of America. Although this method may not be suitable for those who want a bit more color in the kitchen, those who want a traditional formal look in the kitchen can definitely achieve it. Slab work surface is the key element of a traditional kitchen and it is best accomplished with a dark colored granite with an under mounted sinks. Trends in this style are warm and welcome with more color tones. Dishes are often marble but don’t go overboard. Without going overboard, many kitchens in America avoid putting dishes inside the cabinets. Designers argue that there is too much movement in the American kitchen and that they should be stored directly inside the cupboards. Another option for those who want a traditional kitchen is to use the dining area as a kitchen. Place the appliances along the wall free from traffic and add a painting to the wall. Paint the cabinets to match the granite and counters.

Rustic and Classic Kitchen Designs

Rustic is very similar to country but a bit different. It has the warm, cozy feeling of an English cottage or primitive cabin. Although by no means is this every style, many people who blend styles tend to choose a more rustic setting. Cabinets are typically log or pine but with high ceilings. The following are just a few ideas: Old-fashioned china dishes are beautiful – choose a geometric or round bowl. Families that tend to include children in the kitchen enjoy the warmth and comfort of the kitchen ran by Mom. Often, this is the center of family life – cooking and eating together. Sacrificing function for form gives you a nice spot to stow chilly, rarely used dishes or holiday menus.

Retire to the Great Outdoors:

People who live in the suburbs, near rivers or mountains, or in the country looking for peace and quiet often head to the woods, the mountains or the beach. Both options are perfect for a quiet, friendly kitchen. For the cabin or lakehouse look, try replacing your cabinet doors with the same material as your kitchen cabinets when creating the effect of deep wood tones. A weathered, vintage look works well for vintage kitchens. You really can find just about any type of doors that you want. Doors can even be real ones that look like log. Warm colors work well for kitchens with kitchens also, especially if the floors, walls, and benches, counters and appliances are wood finish. Warm tones on the walls and cabinets are classic kitchen designs.

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