Five Dollars and a Container of Rum

The Historical backdrop of Grafton, Vermont 1754-2000

224 pages

$24.95 hardcover; $14.95 softcover

Victor of the “Greatness in Distributing Grant” from the American Relationship of State and Neighborhood Verifiable Social orders.

Vermont Life magazine considered it a “win” and “an exuberant book, loaded up with fascinating anecdotes…. Not at all like numerous town accounts [it] is a realistic joy, with simple to understand text and numerous representations and photos.”

The John Barrett Store

The John Barrett Store 1816 – 1830

20-page booklet


Grafton was a clamoring focus of business in southern Vermont during the mid 1800s. The Barrett Store had 862 client accounts during this period, 322 of them coming from encompassing networks. The names of these clients are recorded in the booklet.

Innkeeping In Grafton 100 Years Prior

20-page booklet


The narrative of Grafton’s Old Bar, presently commending its 200th commemoration, during the 1860’s. Visitors included Ulysses S. Award, lobbying for his initial term as President, and Artemus Ward, Down East comedian and teacher.

The Grafton Cornet Band

1867 – 1992

20-page booklet


25 photos breath life into this booklet, which portrays the historical backdrop of Vermont’s most established persistently performing band.

The Existence of a Vermont Rancher and Logger

The Journals of Henry A. Thompson

54-page booklet


Thompson started his journal keeping in 1864 as a fellow of seventeen and proceeded for a very long time. This booklet gives an extraordinary record of life in Grafton during the second 50% of the nineteenth century.

An Investigation of Life, Demise and

8-page booklet


A reality based fictionalized record of Rebecca Park’s life and passing. The notable tombstone by ace carver Moses Wright, Jr. recalls Rebecca and her fourteen youngsters who lie with her in perhaps the most seasoned graveyard.

The Grafton Blanket Shading Book

49 pages — 8 1/2 x 11 size


The drawings in this book depend on the 49 blanket squares made by Grafton ladies to recognize Grafton and Vermont’s Bicentennial in 1991. The drawings are straightforward, beguiling, and empower innovativeness.

Grafton’s Establishing Century

12-page booklet


A depiction of the significant powers at work in what is presently southern Vermont approximately 250 years prior. As you read it, let your brain venture in reverse to when our ancestors battled to exist on the edge of the wild.

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