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Ms. L.J.C. Daniels

This year, the Grafton Public Library has started an eager program of remodel and improvement. From the parentage document of the GHS, here is a warm and enchanting recognition of the individual who in 1949, through the estate of $75,000, made conceivable

“A Recognition for my Distant Auntie Lou – Ms. L.J.C. Daniels””In 1922, Auntie Lou was 65 and I was a little fellow of five when she dealt with me for half a month. We lived in “Overbrook”, her town house on the Houghtonville Street, in favor of which was painted, “A Fair arrangement – Voices for Vermont Ladies”. She was a solid women’s activist and suffragette – one of the ones who anchored themselves to the iron fence around the White House. Notwithstanding I thought minimal about that.

What grabbed my eye was her acceptable cooking! She heated cornsticks in her woodstove, which we’d eat hot from the stove with yellow nation spread – delightful! A noteworthy serving of mixed greens of hers highlighted orange nasturtiums and their peppery leaves, both extremely delicious.

She was a genuine Yankee – of genuine disposition, once in a while grinned, yet a lady of mind and funny bone. She was brisk – squandered no words. Taking into account that she was 65 (an extremely antiquated individual to my young eyes), just as a lady woman, all things being equal I enjoyed her as a sitter. She regarded me personally, not as a young man. Behind her bleak looks and undemonstrative ways, there was a sort and insightful lady.

Auntie Lou was thrifty. She contributed admirably an agreeable legacy, however she was saving in her burning through cash on herself. Witness her always failing to possess a vehicle and continually going by transport.

At the point when I visited her in Grafton for a month in 1933, she welcomed a striving lady craftsman to remain for half a month in “Little Block” (likewise called “Old Ken-Cave), her bungalow across the street from the Congregational Church. At some other point she asked a helpless Armenian family to remain for half a month in “Little Block”.

Auntie Lou made liberal gifts to town projects, and in her will she was significantly more liberal in her inheritances for improving Grafton as a local area of companions and neighbors.

In both her moderation and liberality, Auntie Lou has been a good example for me and a solid and enduring impact in transit my significant other Louise and I have driven our lives throughout the previous 56 years. We include this as a gift in a time of society to a great extent driven by commercialization and avarice.”

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