The Most Common Roofing Problem for Old Houses

The most common reason homeowners call a roofer is because they have a problem with ice or water coming through the roof, and ice dams contribute to it. The most common roofing problem is called alg rolling, which happens when ice or water passes through the soffit (which is the overhanging lip of the roof) and then drops to the inside of the home or building.

One out of six homeowners has experienced a problem with leaking between the soffit and wall. The leading cause: poor workmanship, explained by 72% of roofers. Another problem is called uplift, explained by 95% of roofers. collectively, 7% of roofers surveyed have experienced damage caused by uplift.

Roofers agree that rebates and tax credits will become more of an incentive for homeowners to stay in their home.

Buyers, though, may consider:

Roofers and AC contractors receive a lot of calls about temperature changes during the hot summer months, or problems with clearing the air conditioning unit’s warm air before rooms cool down. You might get a call about a house with a really hot roof, which is pretty standard in parts of Arizona, but not unusual in other states.

improves energy efficiency:ining Technology can help a home or building reduce heat gainby providing proper attic insulation, the first step. The trend of tighter building codes and increased energy efficiency has made it more acceptable to invest in a new roof.

Investing in a whole new roof is an investment in your home or building’s value. Just like buying a vehicle that is cost-effective and brings many benefits, an upgraded, energy-efficient roof can turn an mediocre home into an energy star property.

Investing in a new roof can improve energy efficiency, which means lower fuel consumption and lower heating and cooling bills.

Climbing oceans of asphalt shingles, which have lost their appeal as a roofing material over the years, has given way to lighter choices such as fiberglass, carbon hail stone and slate tiles. The newer generations of roof tiles have even added water-resistance to anticipation; they may meet new high-performance criteria.

Bush and retiree are both looking for ways to cut down costs. Continuing to receive government money is also a good way to take a bite from the National allotted portion of education funds. There are local programs dedicated to home improvement which pairing up local contractors with companies owned by local residents can be a win-win proposition.

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