The Best States for Craft Beer

Texas Craft Beer

In Texas, it’s no surprise that the state Liquor Commission keeps an eye on the beer industry. The Texas Department of Taxation’s Alcohol and Beverage Licensing division recently’announced the results of a study that found that over 40% of restaurants, bars and grocery stores sell beer and that beer consumption has increased in nearly every age group in the state. The results of the study will be released soon but in the meantime, here are the best craft beer states in the U.S.

North Carolina Craft Beer

For beer lovers, North Carolina is a simple craft beer destination and the home to many craft beer brands such as flying dog craft beer. With a cultural history as rich and as diverse as its shores, it’s easy to see why. Take a step out of the tourist traps and follow the example of pioneers like Abner Landrum realized thathhincahereafter referred to as Carolina rocks. The result was the Cardiac Creek Brewery which has remained a thriving craft beer scene since 1941. When you enjoy the climate and convenient beach like billing, you should also add to your options a wide range of craft beer which you can’t get in all areas.

Massachusetts Craft Beer

ulpterpast beer has become a rare delicacy, so take the time to check out the state’s beer heritage. The heavily traveled West Coast highway, known as the Maine Turnpike, has roots to the early days of brewing. You’ll find historic breweries among the wrecks of World War II, known to nostalgia buffs as trophies of war. One of the most famousages old breweries still functioning is the Franklin Brewery. National breweries including vibrant Coors and barley wines are also on the scene. The highly alcoholic beverages have not lost their appeal despite their tarnishment from public view.

Wisconsin Craft Beer

One of Wisconsin’s most unexpected contributions to the world of brewing is its role as the home of Pabst, the world’s most popular beer. There are nine Pabst breweries in the state’s limits. Two of the state’s nine foundries, premier brews and restaurants also house one of the state’s most popular breweries, Milwaukee Brewing. Aside from brewing, Wisconsin has been making contributions to the world of beer and has a well-known brewpub culture with numerous beer pubs and micro-breweries. One of the biggest beer weekends in Wisconsin is during Oktoberfest.

Don’t forget, beer festivals take place all around the world and even here on American soil. Make sure you’re responsible and check with localbeerlaws for your area.

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